Trebbo is the name of the small town where the factory of Gazzotti parquet is based. As the birthplace of the most prestigious products, Gazzotti make use of advanced technologies to create unique values and evolutional products for the world.

Trebbo collection transforms the old wooden floor into a modern yet elegant style. Trebbo collection is particularly suitable for bringing classic laying patterns up to date. The special processes of the production reveal the most authentic and tangible aspect of the wood. The raw material used is environmentally friendly and restorable; it is capable of telling the history of the world.

Four formats and two thicknesses are available, offering a return to tradition and the allure of ancient woodworking processes. It is suitable for any renovation project, thanks to its 1 cm thickness, with an attention to detail typical of 100% Italian manufacturing. Trebbo is divided up into three series, all designed and produced to recreate the satisfaction that people experience with old wooden floors.

The advanced processing techniques and finishing produce unique products. 

Serrated: Processing marks left on the raw material recall the ancient handcrafted woodworking. They are recreated for a stylish parquet flooring with a pronounced design. 

Antique: The highly natural look of the raw material and the effects of age, providing the sensation of an antique product in highly stylish colors.

Native: The art of dyeing was already in full swing since 2000 years ago. There were no artificial dyes, it either used plant dyes or treatments which naturally altered the color of the wood instead. Every plank and each small section of timber responds differently to the treatments, and the color differences between planks are intentional. It acts as a sign of the finishing procedure used.

** Wood is an absolutely unique and beautiful product of nature and is never manufactured to consistent specifications. Its natural imperfections are part of its appeal and character. Every piece of wood can be slightly or noticeably different in color, texture and grain from every other piece, even pieces from the same tree.
  • Life

    Life collection especially designed for those searching for a prestigious floor, in a high concern of the details with an extremely natural appearance.

  • Vintage

    Vintage is the wood floor that has revolutionized the definition of Home.

  • FreeTime

    Free Time is a collection of wood floors designed for outdoor areas by Gazzotti, which is a quality product subjected to a special care and processing during the production.