The Fashion collection is all in oak with the exclusive finishes: Natural and White, for a discreet but personal floor; Glitter and Night, the extra-glossy white and black becoming an furnishing element that follows the latest trends; Silver, have an aesthetic look of the unconventional and metallic grey.

The Rosewood and Zebrano finishes are made of recomposed woods to obtain the most beautiful colors. The extra-glossy finish is perfect to be combined with the furnishing elements of the latest trends, thanks to their.

** Wood is an absolutely unique and beautiful product of nature and is never manufactured to consistent specifications. Its natural imperfections are part of its appeal and character. Every piece of wood can be slightly or noticeably different in color, texture and grain from every other piece, even pieces from the same tree.
  • Smile

    Smile is a new range dedicated to those searching for high-quality floors (with highly durable finishing and brushing) at an affordable price.

  • Transit

    Transit is the high-end laminate flooring collection by Gazzotti. Transit is safe, reliable, affordable, durable and practical making it suitable for home, workplaces and public areas.

  • Trebbo

    Trebbo collection transforms materials into style. This collection is inspired by the rich knowledge of woods, and is filled up with unique furnishings and design features.