The painted wood is always a popular material for artists and designers. The old and detailed sensation with natural feeling created by the integration of the natural wooden-pattern and different painting effects is always what artists and designers chase for. However, if used as a building material or an interior material for architectures and designs, the quality and functionality of natural wood will be affected by weather; it may even pose threats to the appearance and safety of the space.

By combining the characteristics of painted wood and tiles, Blendart is suitable for the contemporary architectural needs and designs. This collection recreates the charming veining of wood in a new version. The extraordinary “paint effect” overlaps with the original knotty nature of the wooden material, as if time leaves an incredible mark like the ancient elegance inherited by Italian historical relics. The mix of these elements results in an artistic wood with a modern mood, ideal for floor and wall covering of contemporary areas.A set of moderately random strips of various sizes, so as to create a composition with a strong artistic effect, becomes a real system, exalted in all its intensity and variety by pattern and color. Thanks to a staggered pattern installation, with a recommended staggered laying, Blendart provides a visual perception of the almost limitless combinations and a pictorial effect. The aesthetic codes of the rough style and the unfinished are reflected in the most up-to-date architecture and interior design. Blendart is hence suitable from the classical to modern design.

    Soap stone is a metamorphic rock that mined in Italy, the United States and Brazil. Depending on where the soap stone is mined from, it has different colors run from grey to green and to black. This kind of stone is extremely hard and extremely, as a result, it is widely used to create cooking implements and kitchen tops at its origin.

  • Lacca

    Lacca collection makes use of the natural beauty to reflect the texture of the stage, and the dedication to arts by artists and dancers. By combining the modern colors and marks of stages, Lacca collection considerately creates an imperfection, and hence gives a familiar yet warm sensation for different spaces. The natural arrangement of the surface allows Lacca to match with different design styles to create a natural and relaxing interior environment.


    Graph or millimeter paper, which the aim of being adopted by designers and end users as a drawing tool for vertical and horizontal surfaces, is printed with fine lines making up a regular grid used for precision drawings. This is where the Graph Collection comes from. With its micro patterns and color contrasts, the Graph collection makes its mark on any room.