Pearl is the gift granted by the God. The purity of pearls symbolizes the goddesses of the arts, custodians of wisdom and guardians of poetry, invoking to create the Muse collection, an outpouring of elegance from the classical world.

Whispering streaks and veins flow through the luxurious semigres slabs.

The Muse collection evokes the sophisticated lifestyle of the past, an elegance that lies in unique characteristics, sought-after materials and details.

The refinement that distinguishes the surface of Muse is immediately evident from the size of the 75x25cm slabs that offer traditional colors rich in a variety of shades and veining. The dimension of 75x25cm is currently the new trend for wall-tiles to present the best visual, as it significantly reduces the installation wastage and improves the spatial appearance without compromising the style. The richness of the material is made even more manifest thanks to the decors, available in different styles. Given the artistic and sophisticated, Muse is bringing you with the stylish move out of the classical essence.
  • Landscape

    Landscape collection merges the texture of clay with the natural pattern of rocks, giving a strong country feel to the space.

  • 99 Volte

    With the transformation from the raw into the soft, 99 volte grants a new life with an artistic characteristics to cement.

  • Soul

    Soul is a collection of wall tile that captures all the intensity and the emotional power of colors.