【Lifestyle】Tips for Italian dining etiquette

Dining is always a big part of travelling. Wherever we travel, we should always pay attention to the rituals and rule of local dining, in order to have a wonderful dining experience and hence a memorable journey. The following will tell you some of the Italian dining etiquette. Besides being able to enjoy local lovely foods, hope you will also be able to have a wonder dining experience with your families in Italy.

1)Even mild intoxication is considered ill-mannered. Women drink very little in Italy.

2)At formal occasions, women generally do not propose toasts.

3)Italians do not use bread plates. Break bread and place it next to your plate on the table.

4)Ask for your check when you are finished eating. It may not be brought to you until you ask.

5)Do not leave the table until everyone is finished.

6) Roll pasta with your fork on the sides of your pasta plate. Don’t roll pasta on your spoon.

7)Keep both hands above the table during dinner -- never on your lap. Do not put your elbows on the table. 

8)Use your knife (not your fingers) to pick up pieces of cheese to put them on your bread or cracker.

9)Eat fruit with a fruit knife and fork, except for grapes and cherries.

10)When finished eating, place knife and fork (tines up) side by side on the plate at the 5:25 position. The fork should be on the left and the knife should be on the right with the blade of the knife facing the fork.

11)Keep your wineglass almost full if you don't want a refill.

12)Burping is considered extremely vulgar.
13)When invited to a home, guests arrive 15 to 30 minutes after the stated time.

14)Allow hostess to begin eating before guests.
15)Wait for hostess to offer second helping.

16)Italians are proud of their homes and love to give tours. Feel free to ask for a tour when invited into someone's home.