Chengdu. Hibiscus City

Located in an ecological area in Chengdu, China, it is actually an elegant design project for a luxurious mansion. The tension and contrast between the contemporary elements and the classical Chinese environment are the features of the design, which give people the feeling of time travel.

To match with the natural surroundings, a series of wooden furniture and wood-colored accessories are put in the design. For the overall tone of the interior, designer adds a little bit blue and grey to lighten up the features and identify different sensation from different areas.

In contrary to the natural elegant surroundings, the overall design is simple but contemporary; which is the feature and visual sensation that the designer intentionally creates. The Floorgres Walks collection by G.e.t. Casa is selected for the flooring. Given the contemporary sensation by the pattern of natural rocks, it reinforces the design`s modernity. In addition to Walks collection, pieces of genuine parquets with traditional Chinese patterns are added to deepen the Chinese style of the design.

For the ceiling and walls, accessories with Chinese Traditional features are specially arranged to create a sense of Chinese Style, like the circular courtyard on the dining room`s ceiling, Chinese screens and landscape painting in the living room, and the Chinese pillars that penetrate throughout the interior. The difference of elements across the ceiling, walls and flooring, gives birth to both modernity and simplicity. With the addition of Chinese-styled furniture, a sense of nature and elegance lies in the design.

Profile of the project:
Hibiscus City – Ziwei Garden, is located in Yongningzhen, Wenjiang, where it is an ecological area in the west of Chengdu, China (AAA Class of ecological area in China). This national countryside has a number of beautiful landscapes, and is conveniently connected to the city`s traffic system. The whole “Hibiscus City” goes throughout many traditional residential areas, like XuanHuaYuan of ChuanXi, CangLangYuan of Suzhou, TuoDongYuan of YunNan, etc, becoming a traditional residential neighbourhood. Ziwei Garden is a luxurious project covering 98 square kilometers and 184 pent houses, which is featured with both the traditional design of big Chinese front doors, and the contemporary design.

Developer :Jiaxi China
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