No more limits! Visit G.e.t. Showrooms through VR technology.

Modernity and simplicity are the foundations of G.e.t. Casa showroom design. Through designs of the interior and presentation of products, G.e.t. Casa is aimed at inspiring people with the quality of living and style. G.e.t. Casa applies the same design concept to create showrooms in different cities to create a strong brand identity, and allow people anywhere to experience the same inspiration of a quality living and style.

Don`t have time to drop by? It doesn't matter, G.e.t. showrooms in five regions are now available in VR platform (including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong), which can be visit at any time by the phone or computer. You are no longer subjected to geographical and time constraints!

Here are 3 features of the VR:

(1)Full - full view of all the sights of the 720 degree sphere;

(2)Scene - the three-dimensional reality assembled on the basis of the photography, revealing the authenticity of the scene by maximum limit;

(3)720 – 720-degree effect achieved by software processing, feels like standing inside the real showroom

Through the showroom VR technology, you can have comprehensive observation of every corner of the showroom with strong interactivity. From near to far, zoom in and zoom out, just be our guest, and live with G.e.t`s style.