【Article】Less is more

"Less is more." is always recognized and advocated in the world of design. However, there are too many outside factors that limit and strain designers to input “MORE” rather than creating a design in accordance with the original concept.

Like is to spoil, Love is to restrain. No matter how an accessory is specially styled and designed, once being redundant in Information and colors, it will only become something conventional and unpleasant. As a designer, we all should at some points insist on our concept and learn to find a balance. Through the continuation of the invention and practice of skills, even for some unconventional points of view, our perspective will someday be recognized and valued by the public.

Our society is always changing. However, there is an ever unchanged standpoint – we. Despite of the booming of economies, technologies and skills, “we” is still the factor that design values the most. And it should always be our main design guideline.

Although everyone has a different educational and cultural background, we have the same want for beautiful things. A good design is able to improve the way we live and deliver something good to experience. The perfect balance between design and life is the result of the consideration and experience of the designer. We reflect our perspective of scale and layer in designs, while we live with what we believe. In that case, it is easier to find a solution for any practical problems. More than just being beautiful, design is set for living. Hence, achieving the perfect balance between our dreams and the real world is always what designers strive for.

Design is not so intangible, nor unreachable, nor something conventional. We should focus, insist and strive, then we will be able to do something that other people can`t, create something that other people can`t, design something that other people can`t. To all designers, To the future.

Color is one of the main factors for a design. The unconventional out of the conventional black and white, we sometimes splash the colors while sometimes only do the “black and white”. The black and white is the starting point of a design, while also means that we care our living seriously.

Profile of the Design Company:
Ends what we start, to achieve a complete result. “ARCHETYPE" stands for Origin and Basic. We focus on the "XYZ" to discover the depth and width of an object, design with creativity and imagination, and build with technique and packaging.

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