Chongqing.Sunac Tion Manor

The Language of Modernity, Simplicity & Elegance

In the Milan Road, Tea Garden, Nan’an District, Chongqing, China, there is a project in which the designer uses a modern design language to illustrate the pursue for the perfection of arts. By not making any exaggeration, pursue of nature is achieved by simplicity, providing a quiet yet comfortable living area for modern people. Just being simple in every aspect of our lives.

The core of designing is to create actions and attitudes, while it requires novel, changes and differences, or it may not be regarded as designing. The outcome of designing could be divided into different levels, while it could be a modification or a creation. Ultimately, the one that always outshines any other would be an innovation, and it leads us to make a leap toward success.

The living room and dining room are applied with basalt pattern tiles provided by G.e.t. casa. The natural pattern of refined basalt provides a sense of nature for the space along with a modern sensation. The Flow collection by Ceramica Sant’ Agostino is used on the flooring and wall for both kitchens. The special pattern of marble illustrates the sense of motion. By putting the precious and natural pattern of marbles on the surface, a particularly elegance is achieved. As for all bathrooms, Sant’ Agostino Ceramica Marmocrea is used as the main structure of the interior ambience. The shiny or matt surface particularly enhance the sensation of the marble, and hence the interior sensation to the feeling of 6-starred hotel, making it more elegant than any others.

Profile of the Design Company:
Designer: Liu Pei Qin, from Quan Zi Interior Design Studio
After spending many years to develop his career in the world of interior design, he has become a famous designer with many awards and glories, including but not limited to: The “2015 Outstanding Young Talent” of Gold Tile Award (Chongqing), The 2014 Great Designer of the Interior Design Award (Penthouse Design), Top 10 Designer of “2012 Great Designer” by Chongqing Times, “The Most Creative Award” of Dong Peng Design Competition in 2012, “The Innovative Design” of the Hall of Fame by Watch Magazine (Chongqing) & The Third Prize of Kito Design Competition in 2010, etc. Along with all these glories and achievements, he has created a series of great and inspirational designs for the industry.