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First shop of LePur Yogurt in Beijing, China

The project is the first operating shop for LePur, a young Beijing based brand focused on producing high quality fresh yogurt. The client was asking to design something related to the traditional image of a yogurt shop, white and clean, and yet reveals the  values of health, fresh and natural with a more contemporary, young and innovative image.

Basic design move was to cover all walls and ceiling with striped effect made of white paint pine wood. These semi-transparent decorative elements mainly re-propose the idea of wooden cranes used for traditional fruit stands in street markets, and this feeling is reinforced by creating a striped canopy on the external shop’s facade. A slope ceiling invites customer to focus on the main yogurt display on top of the counter. Wooden strips have been also used to create specifically designed benches and tables.

A large yellow sliding door connects the shop to the back office space.  The white strip system can be easily customized: we added some plants and graphics by simply using oversized yellow nylon cable ties. Despite the very small space, these elements are combined to create a spatial and sensorial experience. The resulted space, a simple yet sophisticated house of yogurt, is bright and clear to contrast with the colourful variety of the yogurt cups packaging. Designers played with different hues of grey on the floor, where large textured ceramic tiles of the Digitalart collection by Ceramica Sant’ Agostino and G.e.t. Casa evoke the idea of a cozy home carpet. The sloped ceiling is dotted by dimmable LED lighting discs, while some pillow covers, sewed by the designers on a soft textured fabric, add to the space a little detail and sense of authenticity.

Profile of the Design Company:

By STUDIO RAMOPRIMO; Architects – Ms. Marcella Campa & Mr. Stefano Avesani. STUDIO RAMOPRIMO is a Beijing based architectural design practice founded by Italian Architects Marcella Campa & Stefano Avesani in 2008 working in between Italy and China. Their design projects range from urban planning to architecture, interior design and graphics. Main focus of the studio is the interaction between the social and the building environment offering at different scales vibrant design solutions for any contemporary urban living needs.