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Some people perceive that “Interior Design” is simply about fully or partially removing, reseting and placing any new furniture and accessories to decorate, etc. However, “Interior Design” is more than just that. In fact, it is a knowledge that covers a wide range of fields. Those fields include Arts, Construction and Architecture, etc. Furthermore, sometimes and somehow “Interior Design” is no longer only about the interior, but also about the emergence of the interior and outdoor surroundings. It allows the interior to absorb the outdoor ambience and extend the interior sensation to the outdoor environment. It enables us to feel the preset ambience even in the surroundings of the interior.

When there is a beautiful garden, the whole city is full of the classical colors, and the place is a history and has a story to tell, if we could make use of these preset “environment” along with the decent arrangement, a brilliant creation will be created as a result.

Having replaced the old and narrows windows with big and wide glass panel, lots of the sunlight in the garden, the view of those greens are led into the interior and our eyes. With the natural design of the interior, those wooden tables and chairs, those wooden fences and the marble floors, etc, everything makes the natural sensation stronger and more solid. As a result, it makes people to stay longer, to experience the comfort and elegance of the historical city, and listen to the historical story of the place.

Generally, when we walk from the garden into the interior, we have been experience that naturalness and comfort. While being in the interior and seeing the greens and sunlight, everything is longer like a stranger, we then naturally settle down and enjoy the peace and quiet. What we see and experience here is exactly the result of a complete emergence. On the other hand, to those commercial projects, especially for the restaurant projects, this method allows us to create more spaces in the interior by putting less plant to create the natural sense. In return, more tables and chairs could be set up to allow more customers to enjoy the beautiful views, delicacies, and the memorable times.

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Huanmei Decoration is a design firm that is committed to providing professional services of designs and development for different hotel projects. We have a design team with great passion and experience, focusing on different investment and development of hotels and resorts. Huanmei Decoration is also the only Chinese Design Firm that is officially serving the Lux Hotel Group.