Big Tips for Spring Cleaning ( Cleans )

According to the Chinese Traditions, people should clean their living or working place thoroughly before the Chinese Lunar New Year. However, a wide kind of dirt & stains in different places and corners post a serious headache to many people. To help people with a thorough cleaning, a detail-oriented company like G.e.t. Casa launches a series of effective products to remove all kinds of dirt and stains, and protect your places for the New Year!

Surface-Care Product

Products of Fila

1)  Right after the construction or renovation works, the dirt and cement remains always  become our headache. DETERDEK is able to effectively remove dirt and cement remains, keeping your home clean and fresh for the New Year.
DETERDEK is a concentrated acid detergent. It could be used to remove post-application deposits, building-site dirt, saline efflorescences from terracotta; to eliminate lime-scale from floors, showers, bathroom fittings; to removes cementous deposits. It is also effective against rust stains. While cleaning and removing different kinds of stains and dirts, this product does not create any damage to the surface and grouting, and not even produce harmful fumes, and not contain hydrochloric acid.

2) Always want to remove aged stains easily? FILAPS87 is the trick!
This product is 3-in-one product: cleaner, stain-remover and wax-remover, cleaning and removing grease from dirty floors in porcelain, ceramics, natural stone, terracotta and cement. It is ideal for basic cleaning of natural stones and cement surfaces. It is also the only one that can eliminate stubborn stains from porcelain tiles. It will not create any damage on the surface.

3)  During the New Year Party, it will be very inconvenient to remove the stains of drinks and other alcoholic beverages from tiles or stones. No matter what kind of beverages is the stain, FILASR95 is always able to remove the stain that is created by drinks and beverages.
It is formulated to remove colored and organic stains like wine, coffee, soft drinks, tea and indelible marker, etc. FILASR95 is specially developed to remove stains from natural stone surfaces (marble, travertine and agglomerates). It is also suitable for natural stone with a polished finish as it does not damage the finish. It is ideal for low-absorption ceramic surfaces (porcelain, textured single-fired tiles).

4)  Joints between tiles are always the favourite place for stains and dirt, which makes surface untidy and unpleasant. FUGANET is formulated to whiten joints, freshening and preserving the surface, and giving a pleasant look for the New Year.
FUGANET is formulated to thoroughly clean grout in ceramic tile floors and walls. Suitable for single-fired and double-fired porcelain tiles, while not suitable only for porous surfaces treated with wax. This product does not damage or corrode wall tiles, nor contain acids or sodium hypochlorite.

5)  An all-round detergent is a must for the Spring Cleaning. It is able to effectively clean different surfaces and corners.   Its mild formula makes it suitable for daily cleaning purpose.
It delicately cleans all types of floors and surfaces. It is essential for washing natural stone floors after being laid particularly those with polished finish that are sensitive to strong detergents. While providing effective results, its neutral characteristics makes it not affect the surface of the coverings, not harmful to human bodies and natural environment. The non-irritating fragrance leave a  pleasant sensation for the space.

6)  A secret weapon for marbles, it is able to extract and remove rusts from marble, keeping marbles clean and fresh.
It is formulated to remove surface rust stains. Thanks to its non-acidic formulation, it is particularly suited for delicate applications like polished marble. The Gel-like consistency enables it to act directly on the stain, hence optimizing the effect and avoiding wastage.

7)   With the removal of any glue in Spring Cleaning, it is able to create a smooth and clean environment for family.
This product is designed to remove residues of silicone, glue, adhesives tape, old labels and polyurethane foam; also effective for removing candle wax, resin and greasy/ oily stains in general. FILAZERO SIL could also be used on marble, stone, grouting joints and other absorbent materials to remove surface residues. It is ideal for low-absorption ceramic surfaces (porcelain, textured and single-fired tiles).

Should you have any inquiry about the 100% Italian-developed & made cleaners, please contact with any G.e.t. Casa showroom.