Announcement of GSDA “Most Popular Asia Award” & Cash Prizes

“2016 – 17 GSDA Ceramic Art Innovation” by G.e.t. Casa & Sant’ Agostino Ceramica, has raised a wide awareness in the country. After an exciting national voting of 2 weeks, let’s find out the most popular voted painting tiles!

Miss. Lin Wai, from Wenzhou, with 107,778 votes, has won the “Most Popular Asia Award”! Prizes include the following:
Visit to “Milan Salone Del Mobile 2017”
Free round-trip flight ticket to Italy
Hotel Accommodation of 4 days
Exposure in Italian Media
Exposure in Media both in Hong Kong and China

Congratulations to Miss Lin Wai!

Besides “Most Popular Asia Award”, there are 3 cash prizes of RMB10,000 each. The following are the winners of the cash prizes who are randomly drawn from all voters. Winners will be contacted by our service personnel soon to arrange for the award presentation.
The Wechat accounts of the 3 winners are:




Last but not least, the top 2 creations of each city will also be announced soon and will be judged by the Official Judge Panel in Italyfor 2 awards: "Best Product Design Award" and "Most Creative Design Asia Award"; winners will announced in Mid November. Please stay tuned for the announcement of each award.