Grand opening of G.e.t. Casa showroom in Tianjin and Xian


Grand opening of G.e.t. Casa showroom in Tianjin and Xian

New showrooms of the Innovative building material brand G.e.t. Casa launched in Tianjin and Xian in March and May this year! As usual, G.e.t. Casa designers adopt the luxurious construction material showcase design and showroomspace to enhance the visualizing experience for the architects and designers

In the showroom, G.e.t. Casa wisely separates the spaces into different display areas. Combined with the tasteful furniture and dramatic lighting effect, it creates a unique visual experience. 

Apart from the Italian design, the professional design team of G.e.t. Casa picks the high-end iconic product items to showcase various stunning combination and unique option through their fresh and international fashion senses. Our design team leverages the unique stylish concept from each Italian tile product to inpouring the excitement and fresh concepts trend style for the space design

G.e.t. Tianjin Showroom information

Address: Shop A8001, 1/F, Redstarmacalline, No. 29 Heniu Cheng Road, Hexi District, Tianjin in city

Hotline: +852 2866 0810

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri (10:00-18:00)Sat - Sun (10:00-19:00)

G.e.t. Xian Showroom Information

Address: 1-D-06, Diamond Shop, Daminggong Shopping Centre, No. 198 Taihua N Road, Xian, Shaanxi Province, China

Hotline: +852 2866 0810

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri (09:30-18:00), Sat - Sun (09:00-18:30)