G.e.t. Casa is honored with the “caring company”

Based on the society, enterprises must have economic exchanges with social groups outside the enterprise and exchange interests. What can enterprises do to contribute to the benign development of society? The answer is that companies must have a sense of social responsibility. Awarded by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service "caring company", its aim is to promote business and social partners, to promote enterprises to fulfill social responsibility, and to encourage business and organization caring staff, community and environment, to join hands in building harmony society.

Since 2002, 3,697 enterprises or institutions have received the logo of the "caring company" scheme, and more and more enterprises and institutions are willing to build a sustainable society. "caring company" in the business plan through organizing different kinds of across sectors of activities, let the enterprise and social service agencies know each other and deepen understanding, expand cooperation in space to push for social needs across sectors of the community planning. G.e.t. Casa will actively into social activities held by the "caring company" in the business, to promote business and social service sector cooperation, jointly foster a culture of innovation, caring and sharing, construction, care and share the achievements of social sustainable development.


To enhance public awareness of the social responsibility of business and public institutions, and their contribution to caring society

To encourage public institutions, businesses and charities to establish strategic partnerships

Praise business and organization fulfilling social responsibility in public

Previously, G.e.t. Casa and Ricchetti Group held G.e.t. LoveIN 築動愛 2017—Architectural Design Awards Competition together. This project is grandly supported by the reputable charity organizations, namely The Amity Foundation and Tencent Gongyi. It consists of two parts: the charity building design competition and the domestic mountain construction project. In Maozishan, Manchu & Mongolians township, Maolan Gully, Pingquan County to build a child care centre, we called on architectural designers to participate in the charity building design competition to provide optimal solutions for the child care centre.

G.e.t.Casa in cooperation with the China Foundation for Disabled Persons to set good sponsorship program for Children Affected by Disability Assistance, in the exhibition hall set up donation boxes to raise money for disabled children and disabled family’s children to provide a full range of help, basing on social concern, to promote the overall development of the community harmony and mutual assistance.

October 7, 2017, G.e.t. Casa also sent colleagues to participate in the Hong Kong flag day volunteer activities as the flag ambassador. The event was organized by The Hong Kong Christian Kun Sun Association Ltd. for the sale of flag raising activities. The proceeds from the campaign were spent on prison work. The campaign aims to appeal to all of us to "start love", to keep prisoners and their families alive, and to revitalize the rehabilitated offenders.

Looking forward to the future, "caring company" in the business plan will encourage enterprises in the process of business, combining elements of social care and environmental protection, at the same time of enterprise competitiveness, the other can relieve the social problems, creating Shared value.