Taizhou . Xizi Garden

It is a new design located Wenling District, Taizhou. Light is the source of everything on earth. Time, space and life are the non-stop current, and closely related to lights. Designer of this project delicately brings light into the interior, allowing light to dissolve, spread and dye, while creating the inspiration for and leaving the marks of lives.

Living room is the area for families and friends to gather and share. TV wall is always the first object to be spotted in the glance. Designer intentionally makes the TV wall textured to deepen the visual effect, creating different layers in the whole interior. In each layer, people are able to discover new features and inspiration. The brown cabinet, decent leathered chair, fabric couch and the textured-and-crafted carpet add co-values to the vision. The white curtains move with the breeze. While having a cup of England tea in an area like this, a beautiful scene in which there are these happy people making meals for the family, and any other lovely scenes, together create a comfortable and peaceful sensation. People’s mind will be freed in a simple, natural and comfortable space. This is what the owner always chases for in his life.

The corridor of the living leads people into bedrooms. Designer merges the bedroom, study room and master washroom into a united area; clearly divide the private area and common areas. The design and arrangement of sliding doors and dividers not only add stylish value into the area, but also divide and allow lights to enrich the interior. This move is one of the features of lighting that is carefully set up by the designer. The lights through the grids on the dividers creates shadow which changes in shape and contrast in times, illustrating the moving of time. On the other hand, there is a halo at the end of the corridor, which shines like a guide light of lives. To fulfill the needs for storage, a hidden cabinet unit is set on the other side of corridor. The relatively small glass panel in washroom and dressing room allows light into the area, continuing the concept of lighting. The setup of a series of modern furniture and accessories are the result of special arrangements under deliberation and innovation of the designer.

This project is generally and carefully divided, without the compromise of functionality and beauty. The emergence of light, sensation and color is complete. The flooring is using the  Landstone collection by G.e.t. Casa. With the wood color as the main tone and the addition of black and white, it creates a progression in vision. As for the feature wall in living area and the balcony, there are  Walks 1.0 collection by G.e.t. Casa. The pattern and color provide a sense of simplicity and naturalness, enriching the visual mass of the design. While the details and lightness of wood is added, designer creates a perfect balance between materials and effect. It also results in the creation of a nature sensation in interior, making the environment clean and simple, providing the best illustration of the ideal home of the owner and the chase of nature.

Profile of the Design Company:
Mr. Joe Shaw is the founder of ShawLiRen Architecture and Design Studio. The experience in arts of more than a decade allows his to have a rich perspective of arts and designs. By advocating the creation the best of the best, he has instilled his philosophy and inspiration of lives into his creation. He is dedicated to improving and leading his client to a better living with great designs.