What are you awaiting? A Wonderful Italy Trip will belong to you! The Registration & Submission Deadline of Architectural Design Awards Competition is now extended to 28.2.2018!

As the organizers of “G.e.t. LoveIN  築動愛 2017 – Architectural Design Awards Competition”, the imported tiles expert G.e.t. Casa and the Italian tiles merchant Ricchetti Group aim to form the team spirit within the architectural design field with the intention of reaching the helpful hand to the left-behind children and building a “Child Care Centre”.

Since the registration launched on 25 Dec 2017, G.e.t. Casa has travelled different cities in China to hold the briefing sessions which attracted a majority of designers, ranging from Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan, to register the competition. Many of them even donated money to this charity project Maozishan “Child Care Centre”.

Receiving the great feedback from the audience, many architectural designers hope to have more time to finish the deliverables of the competition. Regarding to the response and the motto of the campaign, G.e.t. Casa now extends the registration and submission deadline to 28.2.2018 in order to promote the message to more design experts.
The winners can travel to Italy by the G.e.t. Casa sponsorship of flight tickets, accommodation and meal allowance. This is no doubt a good chance to visit the Milan Design Week which is one of famous art events all over the world.

More information about G.e.t. LoveIN 築動愛2017
With the purpose to arouse all the architecture and design experts to participate in charity activities, “G.e.t. LoveIN 築動愛2017 - Architectural Design Awards Competition is held. In this competition, the competition blueprint is based on the construction project in Maozishan Village “Child Care Centre”.

The 3 shortlisted participants will head to Milan Design Week, present their ideas of this competition and compete for the champion in the exchange forum. Child Care Centre may be executed following the design of the champion. Furthermore, Child Care Centre can be entitled by the champion.

The panel of juries comes from different countries. This is an international, fair and diversified symbol.

Chief Juror: Barrie Ho
The chief juror, Barrie Ho, the Founder and Director of the Hong Kong based architects firm BARRIE HO Architecture Interiors Ltd (BHA), is frequently described as one of the most influential architectural designers of his generation practicing today in Asia. Ho has proudly won over 150 major international design awards from Dubai, USA, UK, Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, the Asia Pacific and Hong Kong.

Juror:Massimo Iosa Ghini
Considered as one of the most prominent Italian architects and designers in the international world of design, Massimo Iosa Ghini was appointed as “Ambassador of Italian Design”on occasion of the Italian Design Day, promoted by Farnesina for the promotion of Italian and Italian lifestyle.

Juror:Sylvia Yammine
Sylvia Yammine ,Architect and urban planner, is a Harvard Alumni. She studied the Advanced Management and Development in Real Estate at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Juror:Gaby Khoriaty
Gaby Khoriaty is a prominent architect who has been teaching Architecture at the Lebanese University since 2008.

Juror: Zhu Jingxiang
Zhu Jingxiang is an associate professor of the School of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Zhu has won many international prizes, for example, the China Innovator of the Year Award in Architecture from The Wall Street Journal in 2012.