Shenzhen. Mangrove West Coast

This case is a residential unit located in Shenzhen Mangrove West Coast, a place designed for a young couple with two children. The owner advocates to the simple sense of elegant atmosphere, low-key style but rich connotation. The overall design is full of the echo of "nature", highlighting respect to "moral", as well as the owner’s strong deep love to his wife and children.

In the living room, dining room and kitchen space, the designer chooses Sant Agostino Viktoria collection by G.e.t. Casa. The large-surface natural marble slabs completely cover the wall and ground, revealing a sense of charm and a full range of homage sense. By embedding a huge ink painting to the marble wall, the design shows the natural joy and atmospheric texture of heaven and earth, that creates the most powerful visual focus with vivid rhyme. The metallic line of gold mirror steel is interspersed with the space layout. The light of the modern further enlarges the sense of wide-space layer. The overall space atmosphere is sedate and graceful, and fully matches the aesthetic demand of the owner.

In the kitchen, Sant Agostino Inspire collection by G.e.t. Casa is chosen. The marble is tie-in natural unique small-grid pattern, decorating a bright rhythm to the kitchen. The wall of bathroom is applied with Tonalite Arabesque Silk collection, inspired by the ballet swings and moves, bringing the curve elegance into the environment.

Home is a comfortable place to live, and for a heart to rely on. The beauty of life comes from nature. Cultivating in moral, abandoning the luxury of gaudy and retaining the sense of peace and comfort, then we shall find the essence of home.

Profile of the Design Company:
Shenzhen Zhou-xing Space Design Company Limited – Mr. Joe Zhou. Joe is a practitioner of the contemporary design, experienced in the design projects of penthouse, model house, club, office and catering, etc. He also loves to enrich his knowledge by studying, to train his mind by photo-shooting, to gain life experience by traveling. By spending time between design and arts, he exposes himself in the world of creativity of different inspiration, allowing him to create many great designs that people chase for.

Official website : zhou521025