• G.e.t. Casa is honored with “Hong Kong’s Most Outstanding Business Awards” and “Greater China's Most Reputed Building Decorative Materials Distributor”

    During our twentieth anniversary, G.e.t. Casa once again receives recognition from our society, awarded the "Most Outstanding Enterprise Award 2019" and the honour of “Greater China's Most Reputed Building Decorative Materials Distributor”. Thank you for your support and recognition of our efforts, our product and service. In the future, G.e.t. Casa will stay true to our mission and keep moving forward!

  • G.e.t. Casa is honored with the “caring company”

    G.e.t. Casa will actively into social activities held by the "caring company" in the business, to promote business and social service sector cooperation, jointly foster a culture of innovation, caring and sharing, construction, care and share the achievements of social sustainable development.

  • Guangzhou . Hong Kong Mansion

    Weiguan Interior Design hopes to use the snow white, look for undefiled and natural, and show the quality connotation of elegance and entry luxury. The project is white as the main tone, white wall, embedded lockers, presenting distinguished and extremely beautiful simple style.

  • G.e.t.LoveIN 2017 Salone de Mobile Milano Design Forum

    G.e.t. Casa and Ricchetti Group hosted design forum in Salone de Mobile Milano. It is part of the charity based Architectural Design Award Competitions. We have honor to invite the prestigious international panel of jury: Barrie Ho MH, Sylvia Yammine, Gaby N. Khoriaty and Zhu Jingxiang.

  • A Precious Speech: Interview with Chief Executive Officer of Ceramica Sant’Agostino – Filippo Manuzzi

    With the benefits of our close relationship, G.e.t. Casa invited Chief Executive Officer of Ceramica Sant’Agostino, Filippo, to have an interview to discuss the development of Italian ceramic tiles in China market.

  • North Point.Hangking Court

    This project is a luxury apartment in North Point, Hong Kong, owned by a young couple. To satisfy the clients’ need for grey color tone and consider the need for a pair of young children, the designer considerably selects the high-quality tiles in softy grey tone.

  • Taizhou . Xizi Garden

    It is a new design located Wenling District, Taizhou. Light is the source of everything on earth. Time, space and life are the non-stop current, and closely related to lights. Designer of this project delicately brings light into the interior, allowing light to dissolve, spread and dye, while creating the inspiration for and leaving the marks of lives.

  • What are you awaiting? A Wonderful Italy Trip will belong to you! The Registration & Submission Deadline of Architectural Design Awards Competition is now extended to 28.2.2018!

    Regarding to the response and the motto of the campaign, G.e.t. Casa now extends the registration and submission deadline to 28.2.2018 in order to promote the message to more design experts.

  • Love Interior• Love In Heart‖Designers show love to left-behind children

    They feel insufficient care. Hence, with the intention of giving a home and lots of love to these poor left-behind children, “G.e.t. LoveIN築動愛 2017” has been launched and targets to build a “Child Care Centre” to the left-behind children in Maozishan Village.

  • Flash News of “G.e.t. LoveIN築動愛2017 – Architectural Design Awards Competition”

    Annual limelight of architectural and design field “G.e.t. LoveIN築動愛2017 – Architectural Design Awards Competition” is now ON! In order to bring out the flash news of competition to the audiences, G.e.t.Casa has launched a series of touring conferences to introduce the campaign.

  • "G.e.t. LoveIN 築動愛 2017—Architectural Design Awards Competition” is now open for application!

    As mentioned in Great Learning: “to cultivate the moral self, regulate the family, maintain the state rightly and make the world peaceful”. The family, as the starting point to make outstanding achievement in society, is just like a number of concentric circles with love as the common circle center and different tolerance abilities as their radiuses. The family is also the starting point of our life.

  • The Limelight of Architecture and Design Profession ─“G.e.t. LoveIN 築動愛2017”

    On 15th Dec 2017, "G.e.t. LoveIN 築動愛2017" was grandly kicked off in Cimen International Brand Building Materials Centre at Shanghai. Uplifting the child development via "Child Care Centre", "G.e.t. LoveIN 築動愛2017" also aims to launch the Architectural Design Awards Competition.

  • Invitation G.e.t. LoveIN 2017 Kick-Off Ceremony

    The charity project “G.e.t. LoveIN 筑动爱 2017” will be launched on December 15, 2017. Throughout this project, the “Child Care Centre” is targeted to be built and meanwhile, the “Architectural Design Award” is grandly promoted.

  • Successful Launch of G.e.t. Casa Venice Cocktail Night

    On the 28th Oct 2017, an opening cocktail party which theme was “Venice Night” was grandly launched at G.e.t. Casa Cixi branch.

  • Shanghai · Restaurant OSTRA

    Shanghai OSTRA is high-end restaurants serving precious original marine ingredients. Coming through the door, you can see the fresh that are neatly stacked, including chefs` choice French oysters, Spanish Red shrimp, wild Iranian caviar, and all those from the original taste of the sea around the world. Sitting at the bar offers you an interesting dancing show of lobsters and oysters. “Understated luxury with connotation”, is a well-deserved description for OSTRA.