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  • Shenzhen · Baihuayuan

    In this case, the host is a city planning designer and the hostess is a jewellery designer. At the very beginning, the internal designer already found that there were a lot of common interests between him and the owners, which made the project went smoothly. Throughout the project, the owners gave a lot of room to design and good advice.
  • Guangzhou · Shangdong

    The master bedroom continues the coolness of the living room. The dark space is surrounded by iron plates, shimmering sandstone walls, and a starry sky top. The study room is also a computer room.
  • Shanghai . Royal Sea Villa

    This project takes the modern simplicity as the theme.Black,white,grey and wood are coordinated as overall tone,simple but do not lose warmth.Also because the owner likes the natural thing,especially the animal,so the designer creates a space that is full of natural breath and humanistic flavor for the owner.
  • Shenzhen · Huarun City

    This is a traditional layout in Huarun City with an entrance garden of 4.5 square meters. For the Native Collection and these kinds of tiles in vintage style, grout is very important. The colour of the grout was selected directly by the owner.
  • Guangzhou · Golden Bay

    With clean and modern lines and material technology as well as the space partition formed by polished metal shapes, this design uses polished panels, custom brass and geometric pattern for decoration, aiming to make a home that rich in art deco style with a luxurious atmosphere.  Through the combination of elegant marble texture, elegant and noble metal line, and natural and stable wood veneer, it gives the guests an elegant and quiet indoor atmosphere. 
  • Guangzhou . Hong Kong Mansion

    The project is white as the maintone, white wall, embedded lockers, presenting distinguished and extremely beautiful simple style. Toilet with light color tileof Pietra di Basalto collection and Digitalart collection, is consistent with the overall tone. But white make people feel cold, in order to increasing warm feeling, designer use wood flooring from Gazzotti Smile collection and Life collection in several ground, which have a highly captivating flooring for elegant spaces.
  • Beijing.Longwan Villa

    This project is a renovation project for an old penthouse, aimed at satisfying theneeds of the owner by increasing the comfortability and making a better use ofthe space. Designer chooses Viva Statale 9 by G.e.t. Casa to create the inspirational flooring for the living room and kitchen. The natural sensation by Statale 9 merges with the natural landscape and lighting around the house, to intensify the harmony and conformability in the area.
  • North Point.Hangking Court

    This project is a luxury apartment in North Point, Hong Kong, owned by a young couple.
  • Guangzhou. Liuhua Royal Apartment

    Surrounded by a wonderful lake-view, Liuhua Royal Apartment is the renowned luxury mansion in the town. Imagine you are sitting on the spacious sofa at the sitting room, embracing the Liuhua lake picturesque scenery through the window, and now you can realize the perfect fusion of indoor and outdoor, artificial and natural, modern and classic, fashion and luxury, that will never fade.
  • Taizhou.Rose Bay

    This project is a luxurious penthouse project in Taizhou, China. The main theme of simplicity is throughout the whole space, along with the ambience of elegance. 
  • Hong Kong.380 Castle Peak Road

    The flooring has used Marmocrea Collection by Sant` Agostino, G.e.t. Casa. Given the mild and concise color tone, and the crisp marble pattern of the products, the designer has created an elegant base to match with different furniture and accessories to build up a character for the design.

  • Hong Kong.Island Resort

    A number of Italian quality tiles by G.e.t. Casa have been selected. For the flooring of the whole area, Iris E-wood collection in white is used to fit for the main design theme. Its natural wood pattern has enhanced the natural and warm sensation for the area.
  • Wenzhou.Qinghui Garden

    With the integration of objects and details, and the contribution of the designer and client, it is more than just an interior project, but an artpiece. By carrying the power of creativity and ideas, the whole project now has become a HOME for the family.

  • Wenzhou.Luxury Penthouse

    Under the arrangement by the designer, all common areas are connected by Sant` Agostino Concept Tile collection in Grey color, resulting in an enhancement of design tone and ambient.
  • Shanghai.Wang Hu Yuan

    The designer has selected a significant amount of Italian tiles by G.e.t. Casa. Iris Melt Collection has the natural pattern of igneous rocks. With the selection of different colors, this collection is a good fit for both Modern and Classical Style.
  • Fuzhou.Chinese Penthouse

    For the living room in black and white tone, the skillfully decorated flooring adds feature to the design. The tile of Sant’ Agostino Flow collection by G.e.t. Casa is chosen to decorate the flooring.
  • Shenzhen.Binhe Shidai

    Designer thoughtfully selects FMG Marmi Classici Collection by G.e.t. Casa on the floor to match with the main design concept, while the white color and the humble yet elegant pattern of marble intensify the elegant sensation without any exaggeration.
  • Chengdu. Hibiscus City

    In contrary to the natural elegant surroundings, the overall design is simple but contemporary; which is the feature and visual sensation that the designer intentionally creates. The Floorgres Walks collection by G.e.t. Casa is selected for the flooring. Given the contemporary sensation by the pattern of natural rocks, it reinforces the design`s modernity. In addition to Walks collection, pieces of genuine parquets with traditional Chinese patterns are added to deepen the Chinese style of the design.

  • Guangzhou.Nansha Bay Stone Village

    The designer selects Iris Pietre Di Basalto collection as the flooring and wall. The natural pattern of woods of Iris E-wood collection creates other kind of natural sensation for the project. Tonalite Satin collection is used for its distinctively sandy texture of the surface puts details into the natural feature of the design.
  • North Point.Hangking Court

    Designer selects a luxury tile product from G.e.t. Casa – Sant` Agostino Luxor, for the flooring of living room, bedroom and kitchen. The timeless and elegant surface of Luxor has a rich volume of marble pattern. With the crystal-liked surface, Luxor is able to create a special character for the design. Matching the elegant setting of furniture, the designer successfully creates a modern and elegant style with the precious sensation of Luxor.
  • Hong Kong.Mei Foo Sun Chuen

    For the bedroom flooring, Iris E-wood by G.e.t. Casa is selected for its wood-liked surface. In the bathroom, Iris Melt collection is selected for the wall, and Pietra di Basalto collection for the floor. The natural marble and rock surfaces together create special characteristics for the space.
  • Beijing.Longwan Villa

    Designer chooses Viva Statale 9 by G.e.t. Casa to create the inspirational flooring for the living room and kitchen. The natural sensation by Statale 9 merges with the natural landscape and lighting around the house, to intensify the harmony and conformability in the area.
  • Jiaxing.Dong Fang

    The victoria collection by Sant` Agostino is used in the living room, dining room and corridor areas, the petrified-wood-like surface is precious and the color is profound, together creating a beauty of mysterious and a directional interaction in vision. The Reverse collection by Floorgres is used on the floor of kitchen while Terre collection by Iris on the wall. 
  • The Chinese courtyard house, Hutong, Sha Tan, Beijing

    The tile collection – Tamita, by G.e.t. Casa, has a strong modern sensation of classical design. A vigorous texture is reflected by the sensation of tiles. Having unique geometry graphics and colors, the unique texture and the aesthetic surface creates a touchable beauty and harmony for the space.
  • Penthouse in Beijing

    Life is not only about running and striving. Settling and resting sometimes will allow people to discover the special beauty of simplicity and purity. Regardless of pressure and negative emotion, simplicity is definitely the best option.
  • The Phoenix Hill.ZhuHai

     FMG Marmi Classici Collection and Horn Collection by G.e.t. Casa add extraordinary features into the designs. The special “Shine” surface of FMG Marmi Classici Tile Collection and the elegant characteristics of Horn Tiles Collection match with the image of The Phoenix Hill and take the interior design to the next level.
  • Favorview Palace . Guangzhou China

    FMG Marmi Classici by G.e.t. Casa has a white background and is selected to create a sensation of purity for the design. Along with the transparent design of the staircase and the special lighting arrangement, a vivid interaction between different sections is created, which connects and centralizes the beauty of the design. 
  • Penthouse in Clear Water Bay . Hong Kong

    The designer selects a number of Italian made tiles by G.e.t. Casa to create the design, including Viva NR.21, Sant Agostino Paving, Iris Quarziti and E.wood, as well as Floorgres Reverse.
  • The Arch . Huadu China

    Sant Agostino Ferro Tile Collection and Iris Quarziti Tile Collection by G.e.t. Casa are selected to be the base of the design. Under the special arrangements by the designer, the remarkable colors and patterns of the tile products enrich the visual depth. The space now is granted a new visual order and a perfect atmosphere for the family.

  • North Garden Chinese Restaurant . Guangzhou China

    The interior of the North Garden Chinese Restaurant is in a Simplicity Style with Modernity. Having the vivid colors and a series of the preserved furniture with ancient floral patterns, the designer puts a symbolic pattern in the ancient Chinese Style on different ceiling areas. 
  • Chengdu.CRC, The City of Pearl

    The designer puts FMG Marmi Statuario Venato Extra for the living room’s floor. The exclusive “Shine” finish and the great resistance to dirt and compact create an aesthetic and practical result.
  • Fusion of styles

    The main idea of the interior is to integrate the style of modernity and classical elegance. The sense of modernity is illustrated by simple and clear color tone. In the flooring of the living room, FMG Marmi Classici Statuario ven. Shine collection by G.e.t. Casa creates an elegant sensation with its natural marble pattern, while its shiny-wavy texture matches with the deliberately selected furniture to create a unique spatial interaction.