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  • Guangzhou. Liuhua Royal Apartment

    Surrounded by a wonderful lake-view, Liuhua Royal Apartment is the renowned luxury mansion in the town. Imagine you are sitting on the spacious sofa at the sitting room, embracing the Liuhua lake picturesque scenery through the window, and now you can realize the perfect fusion of indoor and outdoor, artificial and natural, modern and classic, fashion and luxury, that will never fade.
  • Guangzhou. Yue Xiu Commercial Office

    Simple design, but not that Simple

    At the right side of a large reception hall, is a whole-wall bookshelf neatly stored the rich professional knowledge; on the left is a French window welcoming the sunlight from outside.

  • Taizhou.Rose Bay

    This project is a luxurious penthouse project in Taizhou, China. The main theme of simplicity is throughout the whole space, along with the ambience of elegance. 
  • Shanghai.Nobilia Exhibition Showroom

    In wardrobe showroom, G.e.t. Casa Gazzotti`s Life and Vintage series wooden floor are selected, adding a rich natural atmosphere of the hall.

  • Hong Kong.380 Castle Peak Road

    The flooring has used Marmocrea Collection by Sant` Agostino, G.e.t. Casa. Given the mild and concise color tone, and the crisp marble pattern of the products, the designer has created an elegant base to match with different furniture and accessories to build up a character for the design.

  • Hong Kong.Island Resort

    A number of Italian quality tiles by G.e.t. Casa have been selected. For the flooring of the whole area, Iris E-wood collection in white is used to fit for the main design theme. Its natural wood pattern has enhanced the natural and warm sensation for the area.
  • Wenzhou.Qinghui Garden

    With the integration of objects and details, and the contribution of the designer and client, it is more than just an interior project, but an artpiece. By carrying the power of creativity and ideas, the whole project now has become a HOME for the family.

  • Wenzhou.Luxury Penthouse

    Under the arrangement by the designer, all common areas are connected by Sant` Agostino Concept Tile collection in Grey color, resulting in an enhancement of design tone and ambient.
  • Shunde.Buffet Restaurant, Marriott Hotel

    Not only for foods and services, Goji Kitchen & Bar has been chasing for quality interior ambient and decorations. To cope with the ordinary high traffic of customers and in-house logistics, and even the overall ambient and visual sensation, the interior design team has specially selected FMG Roads Collection by G.e.t. Casa. FMG has a high hardness and stylish texture.
  • Shenzhen.Yishan Garden

    The designer selects the Floorgres Walks Collection by G.e.t. Casa for its quality function of hardness, raw and muscular sensation of the surface, to create a visional and sensational contrast between floor and wall.
  • Shanghai.Wang Hu Yuan

    The designer has selected a significant amount of Italian tiles by G.e.t. Casa. Iris Melt Collection has the natural pattern of igneous rocks. With the selection of different colors, this collection is a good fit for both Modern and Classical Style.
  • Guangzhou.Time Property Centre

    As a typically local and private enterprise in Guangzhou, Times Property takes "The Artist of Life" as its brand concept. They appreciate the personalized way of life instead of being satisfied with mediocre rules and the trend of homogenization; they commit to the life and career, and deliver values through the unremitting concentration and creation.

  • Fuzhou.Chinese Penthouse

    For the living room in black and white tone, the skillfully decorated flooring adds feature to the design. The tile of Sant’ Agostino Flow collection by G.e.t. Casa is chosen to decorate the flooring.
  • Shenzhen.Binhe Shidai

    Designer thoughtfully selects FMG Marmi Classici Collection by G.e.t. Casa on the floor to match with the main design concept, while the white color and the humble yet elegant pattern of marble intensify the elegant sensation without any exaggeration.
  • Chengdu. Hibiscus City

    In contrary to the natural elegant surroundings, the overall design is simple but contemporary; which is the feature and visual sensation that the designer intentionally creates. The Floorgres Walks collection by G.e.t. Casa is selected for the flooring. Given the contemporary sensation by the pattern of natural rocks, it reinforces the design`s modernity. In addition to Walks collection, pieces of genuine parquets with traditional Chinese patterns are added to deepen the Chinese style of the design.